Sarah Ferguson says ‘life is ageless’ as she reflects on ‘wisdom’ and trials of past

The Duchess of York, 61, has opened up about the “wisdom” she has acquired and how she believes “life is ageless”. Sarah, who enjoys a prolific career as a children’s book writer, is set to release her first novel, titled Her Heart for a Compass, on August 3.

She discussed her upcoming book and the process which led to where she is in life with Telegraph associate editor Camilla Tominey.

The Duchess said: “I have always lived in a children’s world and liked to be a bit different.”

She added: “I believe life is ageless and that’s how I feel most of the time.

“I think what you get from being older is perhaps the wisdom to look at life differently.

“I certainly feel more authentic and sure of myself and where I am going than ever.”

The Duchess has previously spoken in detail about her private life and how life as a royal and a mother has impacted on her.

Fergie has also conceded she is a “good mum” to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie thanks to identifying her own mistakes.

Sarah told People magazine in another candid interview: “I’m self-deprecating and British.