Olympic Games protest erupts on busy Tokyo street as road blocked – ‘Go to HELL IOC’

Tokyo 2020: Anti-Olympics protesters march as the games kick off

Footage shared across social media showed hundreds of people marching down a busy Tokyo street. Many people were heard shouting “Go to hell, IOC”, referring to the International Olympic Committee, and “go to hell, Olympics”.

Police are reportedly clearing the road.

Michelle Ye Hee Lee, a reporter for the Washington Post, tweeted: “Olympic protesters have shut down one of the busiest roads in Tokyo, in Harajuku.

“Police are clearing the road for them and yelling into megaphones asking passersby to make way for protesters.”

This protest comes after Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga denied he was pressured by the IOC into holding the Games despite the rising number of coronavirus cases across the capital.

Protests erupt over the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Protests erupt over the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Image: Getty)

Protests erupt over the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Protests erupt over the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Image: Getty)

Days before the opening ceremony today, Mr Suga said Tokyo was “in the right place, and we’re ready to go”.

He insisted he was “absolutely not” pushed into going ahead with the Games.

Mr Suga told Wall Street Journal: “We raised our hands and we sought the Olympics because we wanted to do it.

“If they tried to force something on me, I’d kick it right back at them.”

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Protests erupt over Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Protests erupt over Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Image: Getty)

It is believed there are fewer than 1,000 people in the stadium for the opening ceremony.

All spectators were banned after a state of emergency was declared in Tokyo on July 8 and is expected to stay in place until August 22.

Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto said she was “sorry to those who purchased tickets”.

In recent days, the Japanese capital has seen around 1,000 daily infections.

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Team GB Olympic performance

Team GB Olympic performance (Image: Express)

On Wednesday, the city recorded 1,832 daily cases, the highest figure since January.

Medical experts pleaded with the public to stay home and watch the Olympics on TV and to avoid any physical contact.

As of July 21, there were 848,222 confirmed cases and 15,062 deaths – compared to the 5.5 million cases and 128,000 deaths in the UK.

Japan only started vaccinating in February and to date only around 22 percent of its population of 126 million are fully vaccinated.

Huge protests over Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Huge protests over Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Image: Getty)

Entry into the country by foreigners from 159 countries – including the UK – is currently banned.

With regards to international athletes and support staff, it is believed they are being tested every day.

While athletes do not need to be vaccinated, the IOC officials believe around 80 percent will be.

To date, more than 90 people associated with the Games have already tested positive so far.

Japan Prime Minister Yoshide Suga

Japan Prime Minister Yoshide Suga (Image: Getty)

British athlete Amber Hill withdrew from the women’s skeet competition after testing positive.

Despite concerns over the rising cases in Tokyo, the head of the World Health Organisation, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, backed the competition.

He argued it could show what can be done with the correct Covid safeguards.