EU told hated Brexit deal ‘needs major surgery’ after Lord Frost’s calls to renegotiate

Writing for the website CapX, Mr Polley suggested the EU is “trying to use the disruption caused by the Protocol to force the UK into a veterinary agreement with the EU”.

He also suggested Lord Frost and Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis are “naive” if, as they said in the white paper proposals, they believe there is a better and more constructive relationship between the UK and the EU’ available.

The journalist then wrote: “The Government now recognises that the Protocol needs major surgery, at a minimum, and that is a positive development.

“Ministers also say that the requirements for Article 16 to be triggered – social disruption and serious diversion of trade – have been more than met.

“Rather than take that step, they have decided to ‘proceed differently’. Predictably, the EU has dismissed the UK’s overtures with its usual haughty disdain.

“If this command paper is merely the first stage of a plan to dismantle the Protocol and blame Brussels, then it’s a welcome development. Otherwise, it’s too little, too late.”