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Flexible working is one of the better things to have come out of the pandemic, giving people more opportunities in the future to their dream home. While many people may think about moving to the US, chasing the “American dream” can be a costly exercise.

However, some smaller towns and municipalities in specific states have launched their own incentives to try and attract newbies.

According to ExpatNetwork, those swayed by the financial offering could take their pick from a new life in Oklahoma, Minnesota, Alaska or Vermont.

The southern state of Oklahoma is offering remote workers who move to the city of Tulsa a grant of up to $10,000 (approximately £7,283.25) to relocate there.

The region is a great location for nature-lovers, with Oklahoma filled to the brim with natural beauty spots.

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The 218 Relocate package is provided to prospective residents who are able to bring new business to the area.

It boasts up to $2,500 (£1,819) to cover moving expenses, alongside free co-working spaces and assistance setting up your business with the Community Concierge Program.

What’s more, according to ExpatNetwork, the area boasts “some of the fastest internet speeds in America” – perfect for those working from home.

Though Alaska is renowned for its expensive goods and freezing temperatures, those who are keen to experience a lifestyle surrounded by nature could be in luck.

The state is so keen to attract new residents that isis offering a yearly cash grant to those who make the leap.

The Permanent Fund Dividend has been in place since 1976, making use of the state’s oil profits by splitting them with those living in the area.

Those who move there could benefit from a cut of the grant if they reside for a full year.

This equates to roughly $1,600 (£1,164.72), according to the Expat experts.

Furthermore, Alaska operates as a tax-free state.

Finally, Vermont in the northeastern US also welcomes new residents with a hefty grant scheme.

In a bid to grow its locality, Vermont’s Remote Worker Grant Scheme offers $10,000 (£7,279.25) over the course of two years.

While the region may face harsh winters, it is also known as the Green Mountain State, promising incredible opportunities to hike and explore.

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