Gardening: Plant bulbs – gardener Arthur Parkinson’s ‘summer bulb list’ for the garden

Arthur Parkinson is a gardener from Nottingham who has won a legion of fans on Instagram. The Gardener’s World guest is known for his adorable hens, as well as his stunning displays of bulbs that he grows in his garden.

The gardener, who trained at Kew Gardens, published his book The Flower Yard: Growing Flamboyant Flowers in Containers in March last year.

He also runs the “Grow, cook, eat, arrange” podcast with fellow gardener Sarah Raven.

The blub-growing aficionado detailed his “summer bulb list” to his 80k Instagram followers.

Dahlia’s were first on the list for Arthur.

The gardener is looking to buy a number of varieties from Sarah Raven.

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Lilies are another plant Arthur will be adding to his garden, getting his from online seller Farmer Gracy.

Cannas will also be making an appearance in Arthur’s garden this year after he “fell for the foliage and presence of Cannnas in the Chatsworth exotic garden last September.”

He went on: “I’m growing canna Wyoming and they also have a brilliant gladioli collection of my three favourite varieties plum tart, bimbo, and espresso.

“Give gladioli a try, the easiest thing to grow for summer rockets, and these varieties are stunners.”

Tips to plant bulbs in pots

Plant bulbs the right way up

It can be hard to tell the correct way to point your bulbs. The pointier end is the one that should face upwards.

However, if you really can’t tell, plant the bulb on its side.

Space bulbs correctly

Make sure you put enough space between the bulbs. Leave about a bulb’s width between each bulb.

Choose the right container

Bulb containers must have good drainage, retaining enough water to keep plants healthy but not to drench them.

Another gardener suggested a tip for growing sweet peas in used toilet rolls. 

Gardening Instagram account, Old House in the Shires, is run by a passionate gardener, Sophie, who has been gardening for 15 years.

She wrote: “Sweet peas can be grown easily from seed anytime from October to April.

“They are especially great for beginners to try as they grow quickly.”

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