Gardening: Frances Tophill shares hack to get rid of pests in your garden

Attracting more wildlife to your garden not only increases biodiversity, but also reduces the number of pests in your garden. Insects and birds can be used instead of pesticides to prevent slugs and other nuisances from damaging your plants.

Frances Tophill shared her best tips with on how to turn your garden into a wildlife haven.

This, in turn, will get rid of pests from your garden in a natural way, without damaging other plants or harmless creatures.

Frances said one of the easiest ways to attract more wildlife to your garden is by first attracting insects.

“If you get the insect life healthy, you’ll generally bring in other bigger wildlife,” the garden expert explained.

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“You can get bamboo canes and cut them up and put them together,” the presenter added.

Frances went on to mention the benefits of attracting insects and other creatures to your garden.

You are not only helping to protect British wildlife by doing so, but you are also decreasing the chances of having pests in your garden.

Frances explained gardeners usually use pesticides to get rid of slugs and other pests because they eat the plants or the vegetables growing in their gardens, but insects can do the same job as a pesticide.

To attract birds to the garden, Frances said “there are loads of things you can do”.

She continued: “Getting bird nesting boxes is one key thing.

“Contact people like the RSPB in your local area and they’ll be able to advise you on what particular bird species is struggling in your area, and you can get a birdbox specifically for those species and provide them with nesting spaces.

“Hedging is also really important for birds – places they can hid away from cats and dogs.

“So if you get sort of spiky, prickly hedgerows, that can be really really helpful.”

Frances added that bird baths and bird feeders are “really important as well”.

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