Gardeners’ World share ‘simple steps’ to get your orchid to flower again

Phalaenopsis orchid, or moth orchids, are both cheap and beautiful and can provide you with stunning flowers for weeks. But when they fade, they can look less attractive, leading some people to throw them away. However, it is possible to get your orchid to flower again.

According to BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, this is the most common reason that they die.

An orchid with a transparent pot will allow you to check the roots.

If the roots are green, don’t water then until they turn silvery.

It’s important you don’t allow the roots to sit in water but drain out the bottom of the pot.

The roots will then absorb the moisture in the atmosphere.

Moth orchids are one of the most popular indoor orchids.

They can suffer from problems such as mealybug, slugs and snails.

Lack of light, not enough food, changes in temperature and crowded roots can lead to your orchid not flowering.

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