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The Destiny 2 Xur location will be revealed in less than 24-hours, and Guardians are hoping for a bumper week of loot.

The Agent of the Nine is returning on Friday, July 23, and will be available to visit until Tuesday, July 27.

The first details will be confirmed by Guardians, who will be searching all the usual nooks and crannies before they track Xur down.

After that, we’ll be able to share his exact location, with gamers hoping for an easy place to find on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

And it will be the ideal time for Bungie to offer the best weapons and gear, as they plan to roll out some great rewards.

As confirmed by Bungie, there will be double rewards available during Nightfalls after Tuesday’s usual reset.

A message from the Destiny development team reads: “Next week, Nightfalls will feature double rewards. We will also have a mixed bag of rewards as Palindrome, THE SWARM, and Shadow Price will all be dropping.

“So everything is on the menu, and with double rewards it’s a fantastic opportunity to pick up more rolls of adding them to your collection for the first time.

“Speaking of Nightfall rewards starting in Season 15, the Nightfall weapon rotation will be changing. Instead of six weapons in a 1/1/1/3 rotation as we had in the second half of Season 14, we’ll have eight weapons, in pairs consisting of one newer and one older weapon.”

Back to the return of Xur and Guardians in North America will be waiting until late morning for their chance to track the elusive merchant.

Guardians in the UK will have the new collection of weapons available by the evening, and as mentioned above, Xur will be returning to a random location somewhere in the Destiny 2 world.

Last week, Xur could be found in The Tower Hangar by Dead Orbit, offering a mix of items to buy with Legendary Shards.

This week’s Destiny Xur location will be revealed at 6pm BST across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

For anyone who has forgotten, Legendary Shards used by Xur items are remnants of powerful items used to improve gear or trade for other items.

It should also be noted that Xur will be dropping items similar in power level to your character.

And another part of Xur that is new to the latest version of Destiny 2 is that he now drops Cipher Quests for free.

The Quest will reward you with an exotic Cipher, and last week included completing 21 Strikes or winning the same number of Crucible or Gambit matches.

Every week, Guardians can acquire one Exotic Engram using Legendary Shards that will decrypt as Exotics that aren’t already in your collection.

Last week, Xur was selling the Sunshot Hand Cannon for 29 Legendary Shards, the Ophidian Aspect for 23 Legendary Shards, Ophidia Spathe for 23 Legendary Shards, and the Severance Enclosure at the same price.

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