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Trials of Osiris rewards are coming back today, and they will hopefully offer some great Destiny 2 loot for those who can string together the wins.

As usual, there will be a refreshed list of armour and weapons to unlock by coming out on top in 3vs3 encounters.

The best Trials loot will be exclusive to those who can book a spot in The Lighthouse, having completed a Flawless run.

The Exile’s Curse Adept Fusion Rifle was the reward from last week’s Trials of Osiris event, alongside the Igneous Hammer, Legs Armour Piece, and Sola’s Scar Sword.

The fun will be kicking off again at 6pm BST on Friday, July 23, 2021, across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The new rewards curated by Bungie will be available between now and the next Weekly Reset, which is scheduled for July 27.

It usually takes less than an hour for gamers to find out all the rewards available from the Trials, but gamers might have to wait longer depending on server performance.

For those new to the event, Saint-14 is the full-time Trials of Osiris vendor who currently resides in the Tower Hangar with his pigeons and ship.

And visiting him will be worth it for those who can smash through the Crucible and score some wins as Saint’s inventory updates with Trials Passages, Bounties, and the option to turn in Trials Tokens.

The map rotations continue each week, although Bungie has made changes to the weapons you can pick up during an event.

Details on other aspects of the Trials experience can be found below, courtesy of Bungie:

Trials Passages: “There are five unique Passages that can be bought from Saint-14 which offer their own mechanics. Each Passage will track wins and losses in a single Trials run. If three losses appear on a Passage, players will be restricted from the activity and have to either reset the Passage or purchase a new one.”

Mercy: Always available and Forgives one loss per run.

Ferocity: Always available and with zero losses, your Third Win grants a Bonus Win.

Confidence: Unlocks after going Flawless and grants a bonus reward from the Flawless chest.

Wealth: Unlocks at 5 wins and Increases Trials tokens from completing and winning Trials matches.

Wisdom: Unlocks at 7 wins and grants bonus XP from Trials Wins, scaling with the number of Wins on a Ticket.

Trials Bounties: Along with Passages, players can also purchase three different Trials Bounties which will reward players for completing them: Weekly Bounties will reward XP, Glimmer, 35 Valor Rank Points, and 5 Trials Tokens; Daily Bounties will reward XP, 15 Valor Rank Points, and 2 Trials Tokens; and Additional Bounties will offer XP and 2 Trials Tokens.

Guardians will need to download the latest patch to play Trials of Osiris today, with the official changes listed as follows:

Earlier today, Update was released. Some notable issues that were resolved include:

  • Solstice Packages and Fragments should no longer get removed from player inventories when creating new characters.
  • The Ludomaniacal emblem will now unlock for players who reset their Infamy three times.
  • Some Dreaming City weapons will now drop for all players as intended.
  • One Fell Strike Triumph is now unlocked for all players.

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